I suppose these pages start with an introduction, so, hi, I’m Maddi.

I’m a university student who is typically stuck between wanting to be¬†independent, and asking my mom to pack me a lunch.

As this blog (hopefully) suggests, I like to write. Actually, no, I love to write, and there’s not much else I’d rather do with my spare time (other than spending it laying in bed).

I finished my first manuscript when I was fifteen. But don’t ask to read that draft, unless you want an insane amount of cringe-y spelling/grammar mistakes. I hope to complete more pieces at some point, I also hope they’ll be less cringe-y, but that’s doubtful.

To me, reading and writing are like children, and I’m physically unable to pick just one to focus on, or to favour. With that in mind, I hope to provide you with book reviews focused on old releases of teen fiction, as this was the genre that I feel in love with, and inspired my own writing passion.

And of course, as the title suggests, I believe that a story can come from the smallest detail in your surroundings. With this blog, I also aim to share my little moments of inspiration with you.



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