a semester of PUB101: my writing rediscovery

Upon finishing my first manuscript in grade nine, I actively searched for publication. Of course, I was inexperienced at the time, and had no idea what type of condition a piece should be in before it is submitted to an agency or publisher. After countless ‘no’s’ from companies, I realized that if I wanted to […]

process #10

In last weeks PUB101 class, we focused on trans-media aspects. To further our understanding on the topic, we were split into groups and given an article that we were supposed to dissect, and create a post for a different platform. My partners and I chose an article about the SPCA and First Nations of Cariboo […]

process #9

For this week’s process post, we’ve been asked to create a story without text by using different forms of media. My best friend and I are currently obsessed with the app ‘Bitmoji.’ This app has a cool concept, as you are able to create your own avatar. There are a variety of situations your avatar […]

peer review #3

As our blogs gain more content, the idea of marketing and monetizing comes into play. However, not everyone’s site is able to contain advertisements, and it is this aspect that comes into play for this third peer review. Kevin’s blog centers on pieces of his personal life, with a running theme of business and technology. […]

process #8

Upon looking at my Google Analytics last week, I was genuinely surprised to see a large jump in session and page views. I frequently checked my analytics before this, and it appeared that the more content I posted the more interactions I gained. However, on March 11th, my interactions went up to 59 page views. […]

process #7

As we’ve gone further into Pub101, our website content has become much richer, and in turn, we are now able to begin advertising on our sites. Initially, I did not like the idea of adding advertisements to my blog, as I feel my purpose is to provide for those who love reading and writing, and […]

remix something

For our sixth process post, we were instructed to ‘remix something’ that is commonly seen online. This could have been song lyrics, a picture, or a video. Now, because my site focuses solely on writing and (now) book reviews, I decided to ‘remix’ the common pictures of individuals highlighting certain phrases in a novel. Typically, […]

process #5

For this week’s Process Post, I was supposed to change a design aspect of my site commented on by my peer. However, as I’m still waiting on that Peer Review, I’ll be focusing on the idea of fake news. This post stems from an activity we partook in during last weeks lecture, in which we […]

peer review #2

Without good design, a website could easily lose its audience. In this second Peer Review, we’ve been asked to assess the look of another’s blog. With that in mind, we’ll be looking at Kimberly, a second year student who lived a large amount of her life in Hong Kong. Kimberly’s blog in general has a […]