process #10

In last weeks PUB101 class, we focused on trans-media aspects. To further our understanding on the topic, we were split into groups and given an article that we were supposed to dissect, and create a post for a different platform. My partners and I chose an article about the SPCA and First Nations of Cariboo […]

process #9

For this week’s process post, we’ve been asked to create a story without text by using different forms of media. My best friend and I are currently obsessed with the app ‘Bitmoji.’ This app has a cool concept, as you are able to create your own avatar. There are a variety of situations your avatar […]

process #8

Upon looking at my Google Analytics last week, I was genuinely surprised to see a large jump in session and page views. I frequently checked my analytics before this, and it appeared that the more content I posted the more interactions I gained. However, on March 11th, my interactions went up to 59 page views. […]

remix something

For our sixth process post, we were instructed to ‘remix something’ that is commonly seen online. This could have been song lyrics, a picture, or a video. Now, because my site focuses solely on writing and (now) book reviews, I decided to ‘remix’ the common pictures of individuals highlighting certain phrases in a novel. Typically, […]

process #5

For this week’s Process Post, I was supposed to change a design aspect of my site commented on by my peer. However, as I’m still waiting on that Peer Review, I’ll be focusing on the idea of fake news. This post stems from an activity we partook in during last weeks lecture, in which we […]

process #4

Having and providing for an audience is critical when publishing yourself online. Upon thinking about what type of blog mine is – focused on writing, with inspiration stemming from anything – I imagine my audience to be those who also enjoy writing and reading as much as I do. With these interests in mind, I […]

process #3

When it comes to design, consistency is key. This was something I realized I wasn’t always paying attention too, specifically with the title of my posts. Some were capitalized, while others were purposely lowercase. However with my addition of capital letters, I’m sure it appeared those lowercase aspects looked accidental. (They were not). Thankfully, I […]

process #2

This is a two part Process Post so prepare yourselves… Part One: Hello to the potential person who stumbled upon my blog. If you’re new, or you have no idea where my content lives, then you’re in the right place! The home page of my site may seem a little scattered – from my personal […]

process #1

  When I was told during my Publishing lecture that we would not have to write any midterms or exams, I felt pretty relieved. However, this relief quickly diminished when that statement was followed by my professor explaining that we would have to create a blog and begin to post weekly. I began to worry, […]