Starting things is always the worst. Starting sports, starting relationships, starting sentences. There’s always such an uncomfortable beginning stage. Personally, I always hated this stage, it wasn’t worth the embarrassment, the pressure. Snow crunched under my boots as I made my way towards the bus stop at the end of my street. The air had […]

process #7

As we’ve gone further into Pub101, our website content has become much richer, and in turn, we are now able to begin advertising on our sites. Initially, I did not like the idea of adding advertisements to my blog, as I feel my purpose is to provide for those who love reading and writing, and […]

moon and sun

The concept of love always confused me. I didn’t understand, how someone could give their heart up so willingly? The near idea of opening oneself up and becoming venerable towards another, made my stomach plummet. Perhaps I was just cold hearted – that’s how most of my friends perceived my attitude to be. However, it […]

death of the internet

The constant scanning of items lulled in the background as I speedily searched for flash drives. They were surprisingly low in stock – I suppose more people knew about the events to occur in an hour than I imagined. I grabbed a handful of flash drives, and went to the check out. I paid the […]

from 25 cents to 24 dollars

The boy squealed for joy. His full cheeks pulled to the side revealing small teeth, the bottom were two missing. Gripped in his delicate hands sat a shiny quarter. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes, in his five long years he hadn’t seen that much money. What could he possibly buy with this? He would have to […]

characters and what-not

Now, this isn’t my typical type of post. However with the addition of my Discussion Board, I felt I may as well share a piece related to this weeks topic – characters. For myself, my character building isn’t well established. I write out basic traits, what their hair colour, eye colour, and defining features are, […]

process #4

Having and providing for an audience is critical when publishing yourself online. Upon thinking about what type of blog mine is – focused on writing, with inspiration stemming from anything – I imagine my audience to be those who also enjoy writing and reading as much as I do. With these interests in mind, I […]

“it’s just a habit”

I developed a habit when I was young, and like most children, it had to do with sucking my fingers. Although, it wasn’t the typical thumb-sucking that many fall into, I sucked on my index and middle finger. It wasn’t until I somehow gave myself an infection in my middle finger that caused me to […]

burgandy snow

She always took this bus home, and the scenery rarely changed. The bus still continued down the winding road, safely covered by the towering trees. It was usually bleak both on and off the bus when she traveled home, as it was well into the evening. Around eight o’clock. Many had already eaten their meals, […]