256 birthmarks

Her mother hated her the moment she was born.

Despite the child’s long blonde locks, warm brown eyes, and contagious smile, she could not find an ounce of love.

There was only resentment.

Resentment all towards a single arrow-shaped birthmark.

The daughter – full of self-loathing and rage – didn’t understand her mother’s indifference.

Until, the day she turned sixteen, and fell deathly ill.

It was then when she learned the truth about that ugly mark on her skin.

She was not the only individual with a small arrow-shaped spot.

Hundreds of people – 256 to be exact – were born with the same birthmark.

They were the ‘chosen ones,’ able to gain abilities like none other.

If they survived the sickness.

Upon this discovery, the girl wept.

Now she understood the indifference of her mother, the hatred.

Her mother knew – she would become a monster.

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