burgandy snow

She always took this bus home, and the scenery rarely changed.

The bus still continued down the winding road, safely covered by the towering trees. It was usually bleak both on and off the bus when she traveled home, as it was well into the evening. Around eight o’clock. Many had already eaten their meals, children were already getting ready for bed.

She was used to the quiet on the bus, the only sounds occupying the boxy vehicle were the roar of the engine, and occasional whispers from other passengers. It was customary for her to drown this out with her own music, as she would rather get lost in the melodies and intense beats than make small talk with the uneasy student who sat next to her.

Burrowed in her burgundy coat, she gazed out the streaked window of the bus. It had snowed a few days before, and the sides of the road were covered with a crystal blanket. Further up from the road the snow sparkled against the night sky, it seemed to glow. The untouched ground was beautiful, it was undisturbed from footprints, and the spray of vehicles on the road.

Her eyes followed down the length of the snow, noticing the closer it got to the side of the road – the closer it got towards civilization – the more tainted it looked. Along the road sat mounds of brown tinted snow, the sparkle was lost, the beauty had faded into a sight one could only wrinkle their nose at. It was then when a thought occurred to her: ‘snow only looks pretty when it’s untouched.’ She thought back to her friends’ attitude towards the snow fall, as they complained about the white flakes that drifted down from the sky. Perhaps it was the aftermath of the snow that they truly hated, perhaps it was the final appearance of the snow they found so distasteful.

Yet, if this is the case for snow, is this also the case for people? How long is someone desirable until they’ve become too tainted for someone else to handle? When do our minds become as dark and brown as the snow that sat on the side of the road? She pondered this as the bus continued on its way.

The boy next her to sneezed, and she flinched beside him, he didn’t even cover his mouth. She sank deeper into her coat, closing her eyes as the melodies continued to pound.


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