cafe’s i visit when i need to get my life together

Procrastination. We all suffer from it.

Unfortunately, when midterm season hits we have no choice but to put Netflix bingeing on pause and scramble to memorize class slides. I’ve always struggled to get work done at home. My beds too comfortable, my pet’s too good of a distraction, and no one can judge me for watching the same show for the 10th time while I’m in the comfort of my room. Staying home puts an extreme damper on my attempts to be a productive and organized student. My study struggles have forced me out of the warmth of blankets at home, into the real world, where I’m forced to interact with people, and get some real work done.

Here are my top five cafe’s I frequent in order to combat my procrastination and get my life together:

West Village Cafe

Photo credit: Maddi Wilson

With comfy bar seating and couches, this cafe is a great place to zone out and get some studying done. The coffee and tea are great, and (even better) their food is some of the best I’ve had from a cafe before. 10/10 recommend the Turmeric Potato & Cauliflower Bowl if you’re not a huge meat eater!

If you’re the type of person who’s productive in the early hours of the day, this is a great cafe to check out and get some delicious food at the same time.

Location: 5620 152 St #160, Surrey, BC V3S 3K2

Cuatro Coffee

Photo credit: Maddi Wilson

Scones! The scones at this cafe are insane (in a good way). Although the cafe is small in size, if you can grab a table at Cuatro, you’ll likely be able to get plenty of work done.

Location: 9014 152 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4E7

Lelam Cafe

Photo credit: Maddi Wilson

Did I ever mention I love breakfast? If you’re someone who wants to be full to the brim before drowning in assignments, you need to pack your bag and head to Lelem. This cafe is full of seating, both indoor and outdoor. The coffee is great, and there are plenty of options for breakfast and lunch. Due to the good food offered at Lelem, the cafe can become pretty busy and loud, but if you set yourself up at one of the bar seating areas you’ll be able to stay for a few hours to study.

Location: 23285 Billy Brown Rd #100, Langley Twp, BC V1M 0C8

Cafe Mira

Photo credit: Maddi Wilson

Located on Main Street in Vancouver, I discovered this cafe while waiting for my mom to finish getting her tattoo done. The iced teas are incredibly good, and the food options are fresh and delicious. Mira offers a comfortable atmosphere, where it almost inspires you to be productive (maybe it’s also because everyone who seems to come to this cafe are working on their laptops or reading a book). If you find yourself in the Vancouver area, this is a great cafe to check out.

Location: 3136 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7

Kaffina Coffee

Finally, an aesthetic cafe that doesn’t close before dinner time! If you’re more of a late afternoon/evening studier, Kaffina is a good option to go check out. The coffee is great, also, do you see that latte art? Seating can be tight, but if you manage to find a spot, it’s a great place to cram for your next exam.

Location: 100-2950 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V4P 0E5

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