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Now, this isn’t my typical type of post. However with the addition of my Discussion Board, I felt I may as well share a piece related to this weeks topic – characters.

For myself, my character building isn’t well established. I write out basic traits, what their hair colour, eye colour, and defining features are, and then focus on how they connect and relate to the plot. After this, I usually just jump into writing them, and sometimes this isn’t always a good strategy. Although, it seems to work out in the end.

This piece I’m sharing wasn’t necessarily created in my usual way. I actually know this individual, and a long time ago he asked me to write him into one of my pieces. This hasn’t actually happened, but I did write him a little character bit one night when I couldn’t sleep.



He’s complicated. But of course, everyone is.

From what I’ve noticed, he views the world differently than others. He sees controversy in a lot of things. It’s remarkable really. Some don’t like to listen to his theories or ideas, but I think it’s because they’re blind.

He sees the world pretty damn clearly.

The boy’s moods are intense, he’ll laugh a lot when happy, but if he’s upset he’ll hardly crack a smile. Although, this isn’t a bad thing. If we have emotions why not feel them wholeheartedly? And that’s exactly what he does – at least that’s what I’ve noticed. The sad thing is so much negativity is attracted to people like him, just as positives and negatives attract and modify one another.

He’s certainly changed from the young boy that I remember a few years ago. Back then he had no cares in the world, then reality hit. And I think it hit him hard. The only advantage being his mental age on his peers, and maturity is power.

He’s been hurt. He’s probably hurt others in return. It’s a never ending cycle with this one.

Complicated doesn’t begin to cover him, and I would love to spend a day in his head just to see what thoughts actually cross his mind. Great things happen in minds like his. And though I have little to no idea how he truly thinks, I do know he would be the best damn brooding book character one would ever read about.

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