don’t look

This is a mistake, she thought to herself.

She knew she shouldn’t leave the room.

It was against the town’s strict protocol – no child leaves their windowless room between the hours of 3 AM to dawn.

She was being an idiot, but she had to leave. Her own idiot brother wouldn’t stop whining about needing water, and he had been so ill lately…

She let out a hefty sigh. So, of course, she had to do it for him.

Just as she did everything for him.

Quietly, she walked into the kitchen. Her feet softly patted on the tile floor as she filled up a glass of water.

The house had a chill to it, goosebumps covered her bare arms.

She turned, feeling slightly giddy that she managed to leave her room without being caught.

Perhaps it was all a myth, a made-up story to prevent children from sneaking out…

As she left the kitchen, she froze.

The cool glass slipped out of her fingers, shattering at her feet.

She didn’t flinch, she was too mesmerised by him.

His eyes were an incredible violet.

He didn’t break her gaze as he rushed towards her. She could feel the power radiating off of his body.

Surely, he couldn’t be human. The man’s skin seemed to glow with a silver undertone.

Was he the reason why they locked their doors at night?

The violet eyes looked upon her curiously. She couldn’t speak, her vocal cords tied into a perfect knot.

He lifted his hand, placing his thumb delicately on her bottom lip.

She shuttered at his touch.

Her stomach twisted in on itself as he leaned forward.

Their noses touched, and he softly whispered:

“You’re mine now.”

Then, everything went black.


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