from 25 cents to 24 dollars

The boy squealed for joy. His full cheeks pulled to the side revealing small teeth, the bottom were two missing.

Gripped in his delicate hands sat a shiny quarter. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes, in his five long years he hadn’t seen that much money. What could he possibly buy with this? He would have to ask his parents immediately.

The boy stomped forward with purpose, yet had only made it a few steps before stopping. Another shining object sat below him in the front grass. He leaned over, staring intently at a second coin! The boy gleefully picked it up, his lips parting slightly while analyzing the two-toned metal.

And the cycle continued, a few inches away sat another coin, and then another. The boy followed the trail, picking up then all until his hands were over flowing.

He ran into his house, tightly gripping on to the ridges of the coins, he didn’t want to drop a single one.

“Mommy!” The boy hollered while dashing up the stairs.

His mother sat at the kitchen table, looking up from a book as her son ran to her. She refrained herself from scolding the boy for keeping his dirty shoes on. He looked too excited at that moment.

“Look what I found!” He presented his mother with the handful of coins, his eyes twinkling in the light of the kitchen.

“Wow!” The women exclaimed, her voice had risen in pitch – it always seemed to when she was speaking to her son. “Looks like you found some money. Should we count it?”

He nodded his head earnestly, his missing teeth presenting themselves once again. The mother placed the coins on the table and counted, saying the amount out loud as she went. After sliding the last coin into the pile of the counted money, she looked at the boy. “You found twenty-four dollars sweetie.”

His eyes lit up, twenty-four? At this rate the boy believed he could purchase the whole world.

The women spoke again, distracting the five year old from his rich fantasy. “Do you want to go to the store and pick out a toy to buy?”

With an enthusiastic nod, the boy bounced on his feet. His mother chuckled, and placed the money into a plastic sandwich bag. She ruffled the boy’s hair as they made their way out of the house, towards the car.

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