The crowd continued to laugh, surrounding the long table. They looked on in awe, watching a group of men stare blank-faced at their hand of cards.

The game had been going on for quite sometime, the stakes rising as money was continuously added.

More chips were thrown, scattering onto the table. The owner of those chips stared up at the crowd, an eyebrow raised above his large eyes. He leaned back in his seat, cards in hand, waiting for his next move.

While waiting, he continued to stare into the crowd, noticing that the onlookers failed to return his gaze. Mentally, he smiled to himself. As one of the co-owners of this underground casino, many were intimidated by his presence – everyone knew to never cross him.

Leaning back in his chair, he ran a hand over his slicked-back hair. Movement within the crowd caught his eye, a female figure was retreating. There was a flash of auburn hair and red fabric. Yet, it wasn’t until the woman reached the entrance of the casino that he could make out her features.

Long hair framed her round face, falling to her waist. Her lips were thin, the bottom one pushed out in a pout. She had a frantic look in her green eyes. Perhaps she is lost, the man thought to himself.

As if she could sense his stare, the woman looked towards the table, and met the gaze of the intimidating co-owner. Unlike the others, she held his gaze for a moment, before glancing away, and exiting the room.

The man was in awe, who was that woman?

Oblivious to the game, the man didn’t realize his turn had come until he felt a small tap on his foot under the table. He focused his gaze on the male in front of him – one of his fellow business partners. However, the man was not focused on the card game anymore, his thoughts drifted back to the woman once more. A small smirk appeared on his mouth, leaving those at the table shocked. After all, the man was known for showing no emotion whatsoever.

He rose from his seat, throwing his cards down to reveal the winning hand. With that, he walked out of the club, catching another glimpse of her red dress.

“Jackpot.” The man muttered under his breath, walking to catch up with the mystery woman.

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