jailbird – “pass it on” continued


The girl let in a startled breath, her eyes snapping open.

Shouts could be heard, some close by, others in the distance.

She sat up, the springs underneath her groaning in protest. A thin wool blanket was draped across her legs. The girl’s brows knitted together, noticing her strange attire.

An uneasy feeling spread across her body. Where am I?

Slowly, the realisation began to hit as she took in her surroundings. Barred walls, a metal sink and toilet, a thin mattress on a metal frame… her itchy blue jumpsuit.

The girl was in a prison.

Panic immediately set in.

She jumped up, and ran to the bars of her cell, banging on the cold metal. Her screams moulding into the other shouts around her.

She didn’t belong here.

She couldn’t belong here.

The girl hit the bars until her hands ached, until they turned bright red, close to bleeding.

No one answered her screams.

She collapsed into a heap on the floor, wrapping her arms around herself as she began to shake.

This couldn’t be happening, what did I do?

With the feeling of defeat heavy in her chest, she picked at a loose string on her pant leg.

She winced, feeling a sharp pain in her thigh. With her lips pursed, she reached into her pocket, feeling yet another prick in the palm of her hand. She let out a yelp of pain and removed her hand from the pocket.

A yellow smiley-face pin stared up at her.

This was from the carnival… did I go there last night?

She reached into her pocket again, pulling out two more items. A folded piece of paper, and an odd coloured napkin.

The girl sucked in a sharp breath, her stomach plummeting through the floor.

She opened the note, the memories rushing back.

Thanks for playing.

The girl put a hand to her mouth, covering up the sobs that now shook her body.

The game, the killing, all that blood.

God, what have I done?

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