moon and sun

The concept of love always confused me. I didn’t understand, how someone could give their heart up so willingly?

The near idea of opening oneself up and becoming venerable towards another, made my stomach plummet. Perhaps I was just cold hearted – that’s how most of my friends perceived my attitude to be.

However, it wasn’t because I was lonely and bitter, I just couldn’t stand the way people acted when ‘in love.’

I didn’t want to be like them.

I didn’t want to love that way.

I didn’t want to think of someone as the moon or sun.

Because, when you love a moon or sun, you’ll obit around them. Your life will revolve around everything they do. And of course, when it all ends, you’re left with nothing.

Your sun will burn out. Your moon will disappear.

Again, why would someone willingly do that to themselves?

Perhaps it was far-fetched, but I wanted to be my own sun. I refuse to revolve around another, just as another should never revolve around me. If the day ever comes, I want my love to be their own sun. Neither of us would then be at risk of being absolutely empty upon breaking up, we wouldn’t miss our sun, because we would be one ourselves.

And besides, what’s more beautiful than two galaxies merging together as one?

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