remix something

For our sixth process post, we were instructed to ‘remix something’ that is commonly seen online. This could have been song lyrics, a picture, or a video.

Now, because my site focuses solely on writing and (now) book reviews, I decided to ‘remix’ the common pictures of individuals highlighting certain phrases in a novel. Typically, these pictures are all over Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, and are generally from compelling passages.

For my own take on this trend, I decided (instead of simply focusing on one page of the book), to take quotes from different areas of the book and combine them together on a word document. From there, I highlighted key words or phrases that stood out to me, and also included a few doodles (as I’ve noticed these are sometimes included in others pictures).

The book chosen for this was Neil Gaiman’s, The Ocean at the end of the Lane (which I recently did a book review on). The quotes I chose for this remix are some of my favourites, and I feel they highlight some of the best moments of the novel. After completing this remix, I feel I may begin to do this activity for more of my reviews, as this could help me ‘remix’ my own book reviews.

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